TD Information

Please email the Executive Director at for current files.

Please send the pto file of your tournament to the Executive Director at

We will post results as soon as a pto file is received and a tournament is rated.

It is best to send data corrections though the website.

Please do not correct names, this will create duplicate players.
You may correct player data at the tournament and Win TD will automatically overwrite changed data (except names).

You may create another player with a correct name, but then you need to notify the Executive Director to delete the other name. We will be in contact if you fail to do this. When you create a new player, please transfer all other info about the player, ie ratings, school, gender, sigma etc.

If you do not wish to create a new player, then the TD/coach/parent may use the correction page on the website to correct data.

Also send us team name additions using the Contact link above. You may instruct your tournament players to send corrections to the Corrections link above or continue to use the xls file to send us corrections.

TD Contact List

Name Area Contact USCF?
CJ Armenta Northeast ANTD
Karen Camarda Northeast N
Tom Claman West N
Ryan Hizey Southeast N
Ray Hizey Southeast N
Phil Wedge Northeast N
Michael Thompson NorthEast Local
Brian Yang Northeast NTD
Randy Brull West N
Felipe Garcia West N
The TD database has been updated on January 2021